1 Choosing a course and university

This article will help you decide what to study, and at which university. We provide practical tips on how to compare universities, how to prepare for open days and who to talk to at these events.

The AHEAD DisAbility Access Map is an interactive online desktop tool will allow you to track your path to college step by step and give you lots of great information and advice.  You can access the map by clicking on this link.

To find out more about applying to and accepting an offer in Trinity, read the guidelines at https://www.tcd.ie/study/assets/PDF/ChooseJan2019.pdf


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2 Applying to university

How are are CAO offers made for university and college places?

Find out more about applying to University generally, and about our university’s admission process.

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4 Top tips for settling into college

The Leaving Cert Results are in, the offers have been made and the summer is drawing rapidly to a close. That means starting college for the first time for many students with Autism. Dr Alison Doyle shares some top tips below for making your first year a success.

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5 Fiona’s Tips for Trinity

Fiona is a graduate of Law and German in Trinity College Dublin. She one of many who received an autism diagnosis adulthood while studying in Trinity. She now works in the field of language and also works as a stand-up comedian. I interviewed her about her journey from education to employment.


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6 What is university really like?

It’s hard to know what college – or third level education as it is sometimes called – is like until you get there, and all colleges or universities are different.  In some ways it’s easier to describe what university is not! Well, everyone says that it is not like school or work or home. So, what IS university really like? We aim to give you a realistic view, based on things students told us they wish they had known.

You can find out more about student life in Trinity here https://www.tcd.ie/students/

You can also read about What to expect in your first 12 weeks in Trinity College

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