Orientation into Trinity

Generally there is a very short period of time between accepting your offer of a course in Trinity College, and arriving in college.

The CAO process of offering a university place to students begins in August and orientation in Trinity College takes place in the last week in August.  To familiarise yourself with orientation activities you could visit the orientation website.



In particular, we would recommend the Undergraduate Checklist which will help you work through the tasks that can ensure a smooth and successful entry to Trinity.

You could also find out more about joining more than 100 Clubs and Societies that are available on campus.

How could this affect me?

Preparing yourself for orientation week is a very important step in getting ready for college. 

In addition to formal meetings with acaemic staff from your course, you will be timetabled to attend library tours.

Freshers’ Week is the time when you have an opportunity to meet clubs and socieites and to choose college social activities that are of interest.

What to do next?

Find out more about student services in Trinity

Practical tips

There is a very useful list of  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about student life and practical things such as connecting your laptop to wifi.

It’s also useful to get to grips with specific words, terms or ‘jargon’ that is used in College, for example, “Junior Fresh” refers to first year undergraduate students of any age. College undergraduates are divided into two tiers; Fresh and Sophisters, hence Senior Fresh (2nd undergraduate year), Junior Sophisters (3rd undergraduate year) and Senior Sophisters (final undergraduate year). The terms 1st year, second year etc., refer to postgraduate years.

You can find a useful Jargon Buster list here.

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