The Ability Co-op

What is the Trinity Ability Co-op?

The Ability Co-op is a key part of the Trinity disAbility Hub development forming in Printing House Square. It is a collaborative initiative between students and staff that aims to provide opportunities for members to work together towards a more inclusive Trinity. The Ability Co-op is student-lead, and all projects and activities are mutually agreed by its members. From media campaigns to creative workshops, we can all contribute and work together towards inclusion in Trinity.


The 7 Principles of the Ability Co-op

The Ability Co-op is established upon the seven principles of co-operatives.

The principles of the Ability co-op 1 to 4 The principles of the co-op 5 to 7

How could this affect me?

Members of the Co-op have the opportunity to ensure that their voices are heard, and they can take ownership of inclusive practice across the Trinity community. The Co-op is also a great platform for developing skills and gathering experience that is beneficial for personal and academic development, as well as future employability. Participating in the Co-op provides opportunities for individuals to develop in areas such as communication, teamwork, networking and leadership. Not only is participating in the Co-op beneficial for the development of personal skills, graduate attributes and career-readiness, it’s also a great opportunity to contribute to Civic Engagement in Trinity. This enhances eligibility for accolades such as the Dean of Students Leadership Award.

The Ability Co-op Cafe is a space for any student to drop in and meet new people, to ask a question, share your story, and get involved in college life.

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What to do next?

Membership of the Ability Co-Op is open to anyone who is interested in contributing. You don’t need to have any particular skills or previous experience, simply contact to express your interest.