1 The Ability Co-op

What is the Trinity Ability Co-op?

The Ability Co-op is a key part of the Trinity disAbility Hub development forming in Printing House Square. It is a collaborative initiative between students and staff that aims to provide opportunities for members to work together towards a more inclusive Trinity. The Ability Co-op is student-lead, and all projects and activities are mutually agreed by its members. From media campaigns to creative workshops, we can all contribute and work together towards inclusion in Trinity.

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2 Top tips for settling into college

The Leaving Cert Results are in, the offers have been made and the summer is drawing rapidly to a close. That means starting college for the first time for many students with Autism. Dr Alison Doyle shares some top tips below for making your first year a success.

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4 Fiona’s Tips for Trinity

Fiona is a graduate of Law and German in Trinity College Dublin. She one of many who received an autism diagnosis adulthood while studying in Trinity. She now works in the field of language and also works as a stand-up comedian. I interviewed her about her journey from education to employment.


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6 Ian on Settling in and Joining Societies

Ian Lynam is an English and Classics graduate who has worked as a journalist, TEFL teacher, civil servant and now digital marketing officer. He graduated in 2016 and then completed a masters in the University of Edinburgh. He currently works as an intern with the Disability Service.


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10 Meeting people at university

Many students find meeting new people and making friends amongst the most exciting but also most difficult aspects of starting university. Naturalist and University of Lincoln visiting professor Chris Packham shares his own experience of attending university with Aspergers Syndrome.


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11 Talking about your autism

By talking about your autism and advocating for yourself, you make an important step towards feeling comfortable with others. This activity introduces the advantages of being open about your autism, and give some practical tips.

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12 How to reduce anxiety and stress

It is normal to feel anxious when starting something new, like a university course, and everyone feels stress at difficult times of the year like exam periods or when there is a lot happening in their lives. It can sometimes be hard to relax. This activity is about helping you to manage these feelings and includes tips from other autistic students.

The Trinity College Disability Service has developed a suite of resources and supports for students with mental health difficulties, which aim to support the student at all stages of their academic journey, from transitioning into College, first year, to graduation, and into employment.  All students with mental health difficulties on registering with the DS will have a needs assessment carried out by one of the Occupational Therapist (OT) and can continue to get on-going support throughout their time in Trinity from the OT.

Trinity also provides other mental health supports, these include Counselling, GP and Psychiatric Supports. Student Services utilises a multi-disciplinary approach, and is comprised of an experienced team of individuals who work to support students with complex disabilities.  To assist all Student Services in supporting this student cohort a Student Services Co-ordinator has started working in Trinity (December 2017). This is the first role of its kind in a university in the Republic of Ireland.

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13 Managing conflict

Different people have different expectations and styles of working or living together. Sometimes that can lead to conflict. This article will help you recognise causes of conflict and proposes strategies to resolve it.

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